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Hello! I'm Jordan "Dr.Cool" Minkoff and I'm a Montreal-based 2D animator and filmmaker that works primarily on music videos. I also paint and make music but I can't fit everything onto one website. If you have any questions or want to work together then send me an email. For music video stuff send me a link to your song or album that you want a video for and hopefully inspration strikes!

Featured Clients:

Warner Bros Records, Sub Pop Records, Topo Chico, Fat Cat, Joyfull Noise, Constellation Records, Jagjaguwar, Arbutus Records, Mint Records, Music From Memory, bIE Records

   Festival Features:

  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada)

  • Buenos Aires Music Video Festival (Argentina)

  • Linoleum Fest (Ukraine)

  • Animocje (Poland)

  • Big Cartoon Festival (Russia)

  • GIRAF Festival (Canada)

  • Tatsuno International Film Festival (Japan)

  • Bit Bang Festival (Argentina)

  • Supertoon Festival (Croatia)

  • Les Sommets Du Cinema D’Animation (Canada)

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